ToYBULK Real Giant 4 Feet Sitting Teddy Bears with Cap 48 inch Brown, (4-Feet Brown)

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  • ToYBULK 4 Feet Brown Cap Teddy Bears
  • ToYBULK 4 Feet Brown Teddy Bears is 100% Hand Washable
  • ToYBULK Use Very Soft Fyber in 48 inch Teddy bears
  • ToYBULK use 20 MM fur in Giant Brown Teddy Bears
  • Plush Toys Colour is Posibale to Some Dark and Light Please understand This Is Photoshop picture

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ToYBULK- Give the gift of friendship and tenderness with a 4 feet tall (48 inch) Real Giant Teddy Brown stuffed bear. Teddy Bears An extremely large and huggable bear. Its big eyes are filled with a lively twinkle, an expression of the love and kindness that extends to Cozy's new home! Cozy is truly enormous, but even that big he is still unbelievably soft and cuddly. Its chubby nose is made of smooth velveteen fabric; divinely soothing to the touch.This Cozy Stuffed Toy is ready to make you smile.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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