Hi, I’m SK Rathore! I know some of you have a few questions, and here are the ones I hear asked frequently. If I haven’t answered the question you have,Contact Us and one of our bear or human customer service reps will be happy to help you!
Where are you located?
ToYBULK Teddy is in Vishnu Garden, Delhi. We do most of our business online but if you are in the area, Contact Us about stopping by!
What are your hours?
All year round, we are here doing important teddy bear work Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm Pacific Time (that's Delhi Time, Dude).
What are the bears made of?
Sugar and spice and magic fairy sparkles. Well, not really. But we are made of brand new, lightweight, non-clumping materials that keep their shape, are super soft and meet or exceed every INDIA safety and craftsmanship manufacturing standard. We are NOT ordinary bears. We’re ToYBULK brand Bears. And you’ll feel the difference in every hug.
In fact, we have to pass the Cute & Cuddly Hug Test before we head to our Forever Bear Homes.
Where are the bears made? Made in India and imported
Made in the india - Right here in our factory at ToYBULK Delhi, India.
Can the bears be washed?
We do like to stay tidy so you can surface clean us but please don’t submerge us in water. And be gentle – we’re ticklish.
When you surface clean, use minimal cool water and no harsh cleaners. Fluff our fur as it air dries to keep it plushy and soft. You can even use a very soft bristle brush or a child’s toothbrush to gently fluff out our fur after it dries.
What does my order status mean?
Order Status Definitions:
Awaiting Fulfillment
Your order has been received
Your order has been cancelled
Your order has left the fulfillment center and is in transit or has been delivered
Verification Required
Your order is on hold until you speak with our customer service team by phone Contact Us
How fast will I get my bear after ordering?
That depends on where we are going and what shipping method you choose. You can arrange for some of us to have elite travel status (like Overnight Shipping) with the Bear Travel Department and we get priority.
We can even travel to many international locations. Check out our Shipping Page for more detailed information on our Domestic and International shipping. You will also find how to determine shipping costs, if any, to international locations, as well as overnight or express shipping options.
Do you offer same day delivery?
No, but we do offer some overnight and express options depending on where your bear is going. See all of your Delivery Options on our Bear Travel page.
Can I request delivery on a certain day?
If you would like your order to arrive on a specific date, we will make every effort to accommodate your request*
There are 2 options when requesting a 'Certain Date' delivery. They are as follows:
Option 1:
When placing your order online, leave a note in the “order instructions/comments” field in Step 5 of your ‘Secure Checkout’ with the exact date you would like your order delivered on – if we are unable to meet your request, we will contact you to let you know.
Please see all shipping options for order cut-off and delivery speed and make sure you select a shipping option that would allow delivery for your requested day. EXAMPLE: if the date is in 2 days and you select Free Shipping, we can’t deliver on the requested date.
We will make every attempt to meet your request, but do not offer a guarantee.
*Requested delivery dates will only be considered for orders in the Continental US.
Option 2:
Once you receive notification from ToYBULK Teddy that your order has been ‘Shipped’, you will need to do the following:
Go to  popular Shipping website
Track a shipment, copy & paste tracking# provided. Click Track. (shipment details will show).
Click on ‘Customize Delivery’
Select your residential delivery option (ie., Schedule Your Delivery).
Select from Available Scheduling Options & click ‘Continue’.
You will be directed to Login or Register. If you do not have a Shiprockit and any other shipping account, you will need to ‘Register’ with the email address that was used when placing your order.**
**Please Note: There will be a small charge for this service option (typically $1-$5)
Can you send bears to places other than the India?
Yes! Teddy Bears love international travel. There are more rules I guess (you humans love that red tape – bears don’t like tape, it sticks to our fur) and you can find out more about International Shipping on our Bear Travel page.
How do your bears travel during shipping?
We are all shipped in a plain cardboard box. Our larger size bears are shipped in a vacuum sealed bag so they can travel in a smaller box. Open carefully when they arrive and watch them spring to LIFE SIZE! For more details on Shipping & Bear Travel, please see our Shipping Page.
Do you offer gift-wrapping?
For the Christmas season, we mostly do NOT offer a gift wrapping option. Some of our Bear Hug Care Packages come pre-packaged as a gift.
How can I customize my gift?
EVERY ToYBULK Teddy purchase comes with a complimentary greeting card – just type your message in the “Message in Card” box located on the product page. You can use up to 70 words (words, not just characters!) and we’ll print it on one of our custom greeting cards and tuck it into the box with your ToYBULK Teddy purchase.
We also offer Personalized Teddy Bears, and Shirt options, to make your gift one of a kind!
How big are your bears?
Big. Enormous. ToYBULK Teddy is more than a name - it’s an accurate description! We have some smaller bears about 18-20 inches, head-to-toe, that are still bigger than most teddy bears, but we go all the way up to 72 inches. That’s six feet of big huggable bear! Although some of our Bear Families eat more glazed donuts, so bear body parts are much bigger in comparison. We are all amazingly awesome, soft and cuddly… and G-I-A-N-T.
You can Shop By Size and meet all the bears that way to help you see just how big each bear really is since a life size teddy bear six feet tall is still much bigger than a person that size.
Can I personalize my bear?
Yes! Personalized Teddy Bears are such an amazing gift idea and make us unique.
Do you have Birthday Bears?
Birthday Teddy Bears love to celebrate the special day for anyone from 1 to 100.
Do you have Holiday Bears?
Please visit our Shop By Holiday page to see all our great teddy bears perfect for holiday gifts.
Can I return my bear?
You can - but he might be sad! Actually, all the bears and humans here at ToYBULK Teddy stand firmly behind our Paw Of Honor Guarantee and our Warranty. We consider teddy bears to be a special part of life, and if you aren’t totally happy with the one who comes to live with you, please let us know.
How do I return my bear?
Please see our Returns page for detailed information.
How do I contact you?
You can Contact Us via phone, email, social media or even old-fashioned snail mail.
Do you only have Bears?
No! We have lots of big cuddly animal friends, and our design team is constantly working on new ideas. Check out our "Shop" section and use the menu to meet them all.
Are your bears safe for babies?
Yes! We meet the highest safety standards and all of our bears love babies. We also have bears for Birthdays, other Holidays and, Special Occasionsthat make excellent baby shower, new baby, First Christmas and special birthday gifts. You can create your own unique Personalized Teddy Bear for any reason at all.

Of course we always remind people to follow accepted safety practices about having babies around super soft plush animals and to not put us in cribs while babies are sleeping. You also need to be sure you remove all tags and packaging before children and babies are allowed to play with us.
*If there are any bears we consider unsafe for toddlers or babies, we will note it in the product description. Reasons would be due to accessories that come with that particular bear, not overall bear design or construction.
What colors do your bears come in?
A kaleidoscope of colors! Shop By Color and pick your favorite.
Who buys ToYBULK Teddy Bears?
Who doesn’t?! Bosses and employees. Husbands and wives, parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids, boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends, neighbors, church groups, business gifts, trade-show staff, new parents, people throwing baby showers and parties of all types, library staff, charities… I could go on, but you get the idea. There is a ToYBULK Teddy bear perfect for just about anyone and anything you can imagine.
What are some reasons to give a ToYBULK Teddy bear gift?
EVERYTHING is better with a bear! You can get some ideas looking at our Holiday BearsSpecial Occasion BearsBirthday Bears, bears for Love and Personalized Bears pages, and be inspired to find new and fun reasons to give someone a ToYBULK Teddy hug and smile.
But since you asked, here are a few of my favorite reasons:
Let one of our big bears announce the arrival of your new baby.
Send one of our 72” bears to your company picnic or party to act as event host and let them go home with a lucky customer or employee as a door prize.
Invite a bear to pop out of the cake at a bachelor or bachelorette party.
Use one of our personalized bears to pop the question – who would say no to a ToYBULK Teddy bear?
Send one of us to anyone who needs to be cheered up or isn’t feeling well.
Celebrate any holiday on the calendar with one of our special personalized Holiday bears.
Bears are the key to unlocking Love of all kinds – romantic gifts for your sweetie or gifts for a best friend or family member, everyone will say, “Aww!” and you are sure to get lots of hugs.
Birthdays are so fun when you give a personalized ToYBULK Teddy Birthday Bear, for ages 1 to 100.
Prom, Homecoming, pooh, Back-To-School. students of all ages LOVE ToYBULK Teddy bears. They even make great study buddies to send to your favorite college student to ease the loneliness of being away from home.
Don’t forget to get one for yourself… your ToYBULK Teddy bear will keep every secret you have and always be there with a hug for you!
I could go on, but I’ll stop so you can go shop for your perfect teddy bear. You can Email me for ideas anytime!
If your bears are that big, where do I put one in my house?
Our bears are fun. You’ll love having one around, and they make excellent conversation starters. We will sit in a corner, on a chair, on your sofa or bed, ride in your car or even hang out in your office. We are very easygoing and loveable.
From bears perfect for sitting on your desk or a bookcase to bears who might steal your favorite recliner, there’s a perfect size for everyone. You can Shop By Size to find just the right bear. And most of us don’t even ask for any closet or drawer space for our things, so we are ideal roommates.
Haven’t I seen some of your bears on TV or Social Media ?
You have! Our famous bears get a Star on our Bear paw Walk Of Fame. But we are all famous for being over-sized adorable teddy bears.
There’s a rumor going around that you really run the whole company…
Shhhh! Don’t let the humans hear you. They like the illusion of being in control. But you and I both know who is really in charge! Let me know if you have any more questions or need help finding the perfect teddy bear. Contact Us.
-Love, ToYBULK
Our ToYBULK Teddy Team can answer all customer service and order inquiries both by email (preferred) or phone.
To reach us by email please use the contact form below. You may also email us directly at: info@toybulk.com
Call us at: 8860228122. Be sure to leave your name number, order number (if applicable) & a brief message.
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Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Our Mailing Address Is:
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