Shipping Policy

Our shipping policies help in creating an impact full shopping experience for your buyers. Adhere to the shipping guidelines and avoid cancelling orders as they could frustrate customers and result in a drop in sales.

What is Shipping SLA?

Service level agreement (SLA) is agreed on a number of days within which you have to ship your orders.

How to track SLA?

·         Shipping deadlines are displayed on the Orders panel for each order

·         A message of expected penalties is displayed one day before the shipping deadline

·         If the order is not shipped within the shipping time, SLA breach penalty is deducted from the selling price

·         We provide you one-day grace period so that you can ship the order and avoid customer dissatisfaction

·         If the order is not shipped within the grace period, the order will be auto-cancelled

·         Once your order is cancelled from your end, you will be levied with cancellation penalties

·         Total penalty post the cancellation of order: SLA breach penalty + cancellation penalty

Read about SLA timelines breachesand penalties

Important things you should do while processing orders:

·         Always process your orders on time and move to pickup awaited stage in the Seller Panel before cut off time for same day pick up i.e 12 noon.

·         Orders moved to the pickup requested stage (Invoice generated) before 10 Morning are scheduled for pickup on the same day to Next Day 4 pm, post 10 to 4-noon pickup for your order is scheduled for the next day.

·         If the pickup is not done until 6 PM on the scheduled date (5 PM for Delhi-NCR), please raise the issue with our seller help-desk. To raise a ticket please reach us via the Seller Support tab on the ToYBULK Seller  Panel.

·         Once your order is picked, it could take up to 24 hrs for the order marked as “shipped” on the Seller Panel, if not marked then raise a ticket. Please reach us via the Seller Support tab on the Seller Panel.

Delays in order shipments and cancellations by you could result in penalties. So adhere to the shipping time, try to deliver your products faster and increase your sales.