About Us

We began 4 years ago with a passion for creating thoughtful and personalized gifts for our friends. These gifts consisted of a stuffed animal with an outfit or accessory designed to reflect each specific recipient’s personality; no two were ever alike! Included with each gift box were a handcrafted card and other goodies. Our gift packages grew in popularity and we began receiving special request with teddy bears being the animal of choice.

Over time, we felt that features like gender selection, size variance and color options were lacking in the teddy bear industry. This prompted us to start our very own extensive collection of personalized bears in unlimited designs and textures. By adding the qualities that were so popular with our original gift boxes; chocolates, personalized notes and other warm details, we instantly set ourselves apart from the many teddy bear industry brands out there.

The joy we share for creating home-made gifts snowballed into what we now introduce to you as ToYBULK. Our vision has always been to provide special made gifts that express fondness and friendship. We want everyone to experience the warmth and kindness that is felt with a soft cuddly stuffed bear; a feeling that is distinct from all other gifts except that of a hug.

Our goal is to bring compassionate mementos back in style! We create gifts that will save you time without sacrificing quality or charm. ToYBULK offers well-constructed stuffed bears and creative teddy bear gift packages, a loving forget me not. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and we have put our thoughts and ideas into each and every design and gift package.