ToYBULK Cap Tweety - 30 cm (Yellow Orange) Soft Stuffed Tweety Toys Cartoon Birthday Party Gifts idea Unisex boy Girl

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Store: ToYBULK

  • Adorable and vibrant Colors
  • Crafted with environment friendly material
  • Decorative Piece
  • Cute and soft Tweety
  • High quality product,Safe for kids

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bring to you high quality and novel designs in plush and stuffed toys. Soft toys melt the hearts of our loved ones and are suitable for all occasions and all age groups. Plush toys or stuffed toys make the most cherished gifts and help you express the unspoken words of affection and warmth. They are designed with continuous innovation and are safe to use by the little ones. Soft toys encourage the child to understand shape, colour, size, animals, birds etc. These toys develop emotional bonding in children and provide them comfort and sense of security. These toys make a huggable companions for everyone at all times. Children can hold the plush toys close and cuddle them. Soft toys become everybody's close friends, providing love and cheerfulness. When will you surprise your loved one with this exclusive range.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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