ToYBULK 24 inch Soft Christmas Teddy Bear Gift!
January 14, 2019
ToYBULK Life Size 5 Feet Personalized Christmas Teddy Bear Cream Color 60 Inch
January 14, 2019
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ToYBULK 24 inch Sweet Christmas Teddy Bear Gift!



Something extra soft and sweet is cooking in our Christmas Teddy Bear Kitchen this holiday season. It’s Sugar Gingerbread and she is so excited to find a new gingerbread home. She is a cuddly brown teddy bear gift, available in amber (gingerbread cookie color) or our mocha brown color! Sugar wears a dainty white scaloped lace embroidery collar made of cotton. The fuzzy red bow on her head matches the buttons on her chest.  She even has frosted gingerbread girl trim on her paws!  Sugar is such a stylish gift! She measures 24 inches in height and is stuffed with so much love and joy that will last for many many Christmas celebrations! Meeting and exceeding all safety standards is safe for all ages to enjoy!

A cookie cutter teddy bear can be found anywhere but our special ToYBULK Teddy exclusive  24 inch teddy bear is so soft and sweet that we would love to share our gingerbread Christmas bear recipe with you!

Ingredients (to enjoy a huggable and soft please avoid substitutions)

1 Fuzzy Red Teddy Bear Christmas bow
1 Dainty scaloped lace embroidered collar
3 fuzzy buttons
3 cups of Love
1 tablespoon of smiles
½ teaspoons of holiday spirit
½ teaspoon of baking joy
¾ teaspoons of silliness
1 ¾ teaspoons of grounded happy thoughts
¼ teaspoon of ground breaking laughter
¾ Cup of unsalted memories, softened
1 large hug
1/2 cup of compassion
1 teaspoon of finely grated zest for life (not optional)


Carefully mix all of the ingredients until soft, wrap in joy and finish with one more teddy bear hug.
We use the ToYBULK Teddy Hug Test to ensure that Sugar Gingerbread Cuddles and all gingerbread Christmas teddy bears arrive soft and huggable! This recipe makes one serving of 26“ one serving can fill an entire home with teddy bear Christmas cheer and endless teddy bear hugs!

A gingerbread teddy bear now that’s a new teddy bear gift idea that is sure to spread holiday teddy bear cheer, especially in the kitchen!

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