Brownie ToYBULK Halloween Teddy Bear in a Spooky Boo! Bear T-shirt 30in
January 15, 2019
ToYBULK 5 Feet Teddy Bear in a spooky Happy Halloween T-shirt 60 inch
January 15, 2019
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ToYBULK 5 Feet Brownie Halloween Teddy Bear with Happy Halloween T-shirt 60 inch



Brownie is a life size bear!

Ghosts and goblins don’t stand a chance when faced with this enormous 5-feet teddy bear! Brownie scares away all the spooks with his custom Happy Halloween t-shirt. The design is a white shirt specially made for our big bears with a scary jack-o-lantern in black and orange and Happy Halloween printed on the front.

Nobody will ever forget seeing this huge bear, and he makes a wonderful guest at Halloween parties and events for home, school and work.

Every ToYBULK Teddy Bear is created with love and care, with the highest safety standards and exquisite attention to detail. We know you put a lot of thought into your gift (even if the adorable bear you choose is for you!) and we put our Paw of Honor on every single bear from ToYBULK Teddy guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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