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3 Feet Huge Stuffed Koala Bear, 36 Inch Tall Smile Stuffed Koala Bears

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·       Toys and Games

·       3 Feet Real Giant Koala Bears.

·       Real Giant 3 Feet Stuffed Koala Bear is 100% Hand Washable.

·       36 inch Giant Stuffed Koala bears.

·       Soft Cotton Fiber Felling inside.

·       ToYBULK Use 20 MM fur.

·       Attractive to Make You Have a Good Feeling All the Time, Gift this soft, smooth and cuddly Monkey as a great gift to your loved one.

·      ToYBULK Plush Stuffed Koala Color is Possible to Some Dark and Light Please understand This Is Photoshop picture.

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Monkey Bio:
You’ll go bananas for our enormously huge size 3 feet (36 inch) Stuffed Koala, Sweet Sally Sue. She’s part of our Stuffed Koala Family, and she’s ready to make you laugh. Sweet Sally Sue has beautiful mocha Gray fur that is so cuddly soft, a trademark of all ToYBULK Teddy brand animals in any color. You’ll love her silly monkey face, and she’s very snuggly with long arms and legs, a long floppy tail, and big hands and feet. Make someone’s day with this very unique giant Stuffed Koala for a gift they’ll remember forever.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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